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Jacklyn (EL) Shaw, Prof-Founder, Promoter

JJJJShawPR  P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

Prof. Jacklyn.EL.Shaw, Ed.Admin., M.Ed., Ed.D. (ADA, 2006; LOC), Blessed to have Taught and Published at Kabul University, 1976 & 1977, USA Peace Corps

Please see STORE for orders.  Use the GUEST BOOK with contact space to send & ensure your list arrives with items, pricing and total. (Send by Email -- to know your choices).

DISCLAIMER:  For ORDERS, Add EMAIL of your LIST with Pricing and total to

[email protected] (or [email protected] )

No Refunds. Not-for-Profit nor loss). For lifelong learners. No solicitations, exhibits. 

As client, mail feedback, pro and con (three strengths and suggestions), for future.

Thank you, "Tashakor", for your time and interest. Enjoy, Shalom, Salaam-e-lekum. JELS.  NOTE:  See page on ITEMS INFO or DynamiQs, like for your comparative developments.

Is one who does not learn from history, doomed to repeat it? 

G. Santayana (1901).  History is not boring!

Travel in time, to exemplify the classic best (your past, present & future).

Life Treasure Keys?

TESTIMONIALS: (Customer/Client’s Name by Initials and/or Anon.)

Dr. MS Omar, Int'l Secretary; T. Jefferson, USA...& JELS

Dr. MS Omar, Int'l Secretary; T. Jefferson, USA...& JELS

Guest pictured is late distinguished M/Mohamad Sarwar Omar, Ph.D.-Harvard and former 15 Years, International Secretary of State and Minister in Trade and Commerce, Afghanistan.

Thanks to ManfromMonticello, by Dale Reynolds, who performs as USA President, Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson.

Prof-author, Jacklyn (E.L.) Shaw, published and taught at Kabul University, '76 and '77, US Corps, RPCV.

Photo thanks to Rev. John Taylor, Orange County, California.

The level of service at Life Treasures, makes us enthused. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professional dedication & expertise. "You bring my nation's history to life." Thank you! (Anon., SMO)

The methodology program shows a mission of "Life Learning", Keys with Q&A. (Anon., SCORE SBA advisor).

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Treasures LITE, was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. "Prof. Jacklyn Shaw has done years of educational administrative services for us all." Keep up the good work! (Anon., MN or NA)

Jacklyn demonstrated an understanding to Afghan culture not easily understood . . . She used a a variety of teaching techniques, including commercials by students in the Secretarial Business Teaching Training Program. 

The faculty appreciated her seminar on Research and Thesis Writing in Stages (skills textbook), published and retyped for continued use by Afghans (paraphrased from reference letter from Supervisor (AK), at Kabul University, '76 & '77 and other from US Corps counterpart, TK).  

IN NEAR FUTURE, WATCH for Ongoing Dissertation research studies:  AFGHANISTAN, DYNAMICS, 5000 YEAR (RAFYQ), 15 YEAR CYCLES, 1961-1992-2006-2021. Communicative keys in Relationship, for international studies (world history).  This is from full credits with late L. Dupree, in AUFS Report, '76/10, SW Asia reports.(Pending with Xulon Press).

* Career Center File, upon establishment of further, mutual interest.


Watch developments, in learning appreciation and techniques for higher learning (for all levels) in communication, interdisciplinary to problem solving. Game quiz cards include Q & A tabs.

We offer you full, four color goods in services. Choose from full craft display image by postcards,_magnet (or mouse pad) or _posters.

We feature limited prints, on stock, group or custom order:

_calendar/handbooks (desktop and wall, 12 different images); _game mats (of cards, game board or display);_banner (2.5'x4')

EMAIL: Jacklyn, [email protected] or [email protected]

We provide unique works, with quality in customer and participant satisfaction. We'll do everything we can to meet your expectations. (That's for all ages in higher learning.) With variety, we're sure sure you'll be happy working with us.


Treasure "Dynamiqs": postcards, notecards, mat(s), and calendars, new, desktop (or wall), 12 different images.

*Life Story Writing booklet, 90 pg. pending print (b/w to color)

__AFGHAN TIME Dynamiqs map quiz game shows the 50 year classic map, with original 10 to 34 provinces, and card borders of rare reseach pictures. Display over 5000 years world history by Afghan heritage, his and hers.

* CHOOSE from various sizes: game, self-quiz, map mat with border cards, postcards, note cards, reference page, poster, magnet, calendars (wall size with large cue cards or desktop), DVD's, etc. Start with a tote bag, poster or desktop calendar (history time capsule to learn in a year).

__L.I.T.E. Dynamics, 12-D is a DVD (5 Min.) for life story writing; tourism, career views; history, heritage, maps, etc. The introduction to learning technique can be adapted to a special event, TBA.

__Afghan Rose Petals DVD (20 min, history talk with research pictures; and song with English lyrics to folk tune, two of 20 verses, 1996; 2002)

... Pending reprints, Research Writing Question, Careers TriQathlon ™ contest/ assess, 10 unit tutorials (360 page organizer).

__ "K.E.Y.S.", Keys Education Yearly Service development, pending