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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

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Life Treasure Keys?

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LIGHT OR CAVES board game

(new version development):

How to Play:

"Quizette" show game uses a folder game or poster game board (full color, 11"x17"). See 50 year classic map with Doorways, 12-D of Quizette card pictures.

Begin with a READ-A-LONG with a partner. Start Round One with "Where", like Question and Answer.

Players challenge each other by Q & A of six questions with card. Give card clue, and player guesses the question word (where? when? etc.).

Follow timeline of over 5,000 Years, world history. See four borders.

Learn 4 to 12 viewpoints, with history and the arts.

Explore your career interests, with 12 dynamic viewpoints or library search.

Share for business, travel, or life stories, with a teacher, librarian or event.

Meet for team or partner quiz, contest.

Display poster with family or class (all levels), travel group, club or organization.


Discover 5000 Years of shared or common world history by timeline.

Use learning techniques for new outlooks today (and in comparative studies of current events).

What kind of listener are you, of four kinds of listeners (arbitrary)? (Why do interdisciplinary studies?)

Enter drawings in event, exhibit, or orientation. Win prizes: poster display, game board, tote bag, puzzle, and other surprises.

QUIZETTES SHOW GAME BOARD, 6WS: Poster game board exemplifies how to play, with more versions, pending.

Quizettes © 2013-2001 Jacklyn E.L. Shaw, presented in Washington, DC (rebuilding)

Feedback is welcome by eMail: [email protected] or [email protected]