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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

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Life Treasure Keys?

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NEWS and PLANS. Email: [email protected] or

NEWS: On stock items and brand new camera and processing options, with 2013 revised, limited prints!

WATCH for monthly plans of special feature developments:

SEPTEMBER: poster/ gameboards and puzzles

OCTOBER: folder game sets, new, pending interest

NOVEMBER: handbook, wall calendar, 2014

(Afghan Quizette cards)


booklet, desktop calendar, 2014 (US folk art, library dynamics, pending orders)

JANUARY: Your monthly Calendar focus, Quizette dynamicslite, 12-D.


sets of trading game cards

(USA folk art, of career images) and/or Afghan Quizette cards,

or before, pending orders

STEP INTO TIME: What kind of listener or learner are you? See provincial fashion . . .  

2013 Afghanistan Roxshana, 332 BC: (center): "I Love Luci" and "Marilyn Monroe" told Roxshana (wife of Alexander the Great) that they love Afghan dress. * Gentleman are "Groucho Marx" and "Charlie Chaplin" (Los Angeles, California, USA, 2012). *See lapis jewelry, Afghan embroidery and "shawl", at center.

Play QUIZETTE GAME SHOW. Email your winners for hallmark list or winner cards on website development.

© 2013-1976, Jacklyn (E.L.) Shaw, M.Ed., Admin.-Author, Founder, dynamics lite learning technique for world history, heritage, and career views and explorations;

*published article and textbook, lived, and taught at Kabul University, 1976 and '77, two full years, with US Corps inservices; (rebuilding website of archives in education administrative services in higher learning)