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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

Watch for only:

Use above for EZ "Online Orders" of event and for group rates.

Life Treasure Keys?

SEE CATALOG, to Exhibitor Events. Watch for more sites!

Thanks for visiting. See contact with email.

MISSION. Discover key views in life, your own and friends by Q and A.

A Great Way to Learn and Grow: Let's start working toward a brighter future.

* See DYNAMIQSLITE, learning technique with 3d-9d mind mapping

How is it like life keys? Is it by conversations? Start with Quizette show game.

Think about career views & leadership styles.

Explore communicative ways to our shared past, present & future.

Open doors to vistas in creative learning & problem solving.

Look around our website(s)

BENEFITS: Dynamiqs L.I.T.E., 12-D ™ techniques in learning will develop and grow. These are keys of communication in careers and library interests as well as attitudes (and are interdisciplinary).

NOTE FOUR GROUPS, for viewpoints:

_ What is yours (or a friend's)?

(A) Traditional, 1-3

* Social Sciences?

(B) Technical, 4-6

* Science; Tech?

(C) Performing, 7-9

* Heritage History?

(D) Leadership,10-12

* Communication?

_ How does the variety make a difference in education, discussion & communication?

_ Do these match curriculum development?

Treasure DYNAMIQS TM provides professional goods and services, based on the belief that our customers' and participants' needs are of utmost importance, as partakers. 


We shall deliver you the best service and/or goods -- for all ages and higher learning, communication and creative arts. We aim for accountability that is success oriented for you and your interests.

_ Will you recommend someone to be noted in the Dynamiqs hallmark winners, sponsors or contributors in annual contests, 12-D?

We want to know.

_ If you win in a timed game, puzzle or activity, send us your name with eMail.

See Quizette show game board.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, at affordable rates, with specials, combos and extras, like postcards, mats, magnets, DVD's (with learning techniques, games and tutorials, pending interest). * 20% goes to fundraisers (as signed and dated, in prearrangement).

Please let us know of your referrals.

Dynamiqs, 12-D, QUIZETTES™, 6W's ©2011-1996 Jacklyn E.L. Shaw

What is your Q and A reply, for a favorite or special site (past, present or future)?

NAME a special location: city, state/area or nation ...............................

WHERE? WHO? WHEN? WHAT? WHY (OR HOW)? plus WOW (a feat)?