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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

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Use above for EZ "Online Orders" of event and for group rates.

Life Treasure Keys?

SEE CATALOG, to Exhibitor Events. Watch for more sites!

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AFGHAN MIND MAP posters, game board of Quizette show game, 11"x14" is laminated. Second, not laminated for master in classroom set of max 30). TBA, To be arranged.

DISPLAY large poster. Best is Heavy Coat Bond, as is or laminated, 18"x24", 24"x30". Clients use the poster in their restaurant, library, office, classroom or the like.

AFGHAN DYNAMIQS COMBO KIT (or for Orientation): Use Tote bag for Education, all levels. See Kit details of nine or more types of items:

DYNAMICS LITE KIT -- features 2013 game board or poster for classic Afghan mind map, Quizettes, careers to library dynamics with California folk art (for game show or self quiz). Kit includes 9 items:

(1) TOTE bag, Afghan Quizette card image, varies

(2) GAME BOARD mat (11"x17"), quiz show game, laminated

(3) FOLDER GAME board, 2011 (or other)

(4) HANDBOOK (wall calendar), Afghan 12 Quizette card images

(5) BOOKLET (original desk top calendar) for prompts of life stories, memoir writing, or careers exploration (California feature of cork craft of historic replicas and career images)

(6) CARDS variety, all sizes: oversized notecard, postcard, and sample trading game card

(7) FLYER or new rules (for dice or spinner), postcard or brochure (on stock).

(8) POSTER OF CARD SETS (on stock) or cut-out trading cards

-- California Life, folk art, with Quizettes of library vistas,

career outlooks by cork craft figures and building replicas;

prompts for Memoirs; LIfe Story writing; and research on themes

-- Afghanistan Quizette cards, pending time and interest

(9) SURPRISE item OR 10 minute phone orientation OR DVD demo (5 minute).

NOTE: ON STOCK, currently 20 totes for kits available (or reorders). Email RUSH or allow 3-6-10 weeks for custom orders. Add S&H, USPS flat box rates.



Use learning tools, developments and comparative applications, EAST TO WEST.

(See photo depicting former Secretaries of State, who "Step into Time".)

See12 DOORWAYS in poster with classic map. Follow 5000 year timeline.

QUIZETTE cards give 6W clues for questions and research pictures.

CHECK LIBRARY DYNAMICS (adapted from Dewey Decimal Classification.)

UTILIZE the Afghan education poster, 11"x17", in courses and forums

of world history; heritage / arts; geography; trade and tourism; agribusiness; career exploration and events.

Consider math (for score keeping); science (for impact of untapped natural resources: lithium uses; lapis jewelry; regional food crops; ports, and pipelines)

-- at the established Crossroad to Asia since 1500 BC.

ALL LEVELS: Player calls for EZ to Challenge, for multiple subjects, interdisciplinary, K-12, college; library; professional growth; staff training services; organization; agency and family.

THANK YOU for your interest in our education motivational

and Professional Development products and services.

DISPLAY THE POSTER, 18"x24", for library, scoreboard, office or restaurant.

Beautiful Wall calendars for 2014 -- span the year. MONTHLY, preview and review

Quizette 6W cards with the research pictures, which "make history come alive".

PLAY Afghan Quizette show game,with 50 Year Classic Map, "R.A.F.Y.Q." (friend):

Research-Afghan-5000-Years-Quizette cards of 6 W's in Q&A.

SEE NEW PUZZLES and poster for LIGHT OR CAVES game board rules.

Use for activities. Discounts, 10%, or extras for two or more items.

See CART and ORDER FORM. Send EMAIL for info.

Jacklyn Shaw, Education Motivator, Founder, Prof-Author

JJJJSHAW, OR [email protected] for events, exhibits, etc.

612 W. Lodi Ave., 101-24, Lodi, CA 95240 (new mailing address)

© 2013-2006, 1986, 1977 Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw, M.Ed. Administrative Services,

Higher Learning,multiple credentials, K-12 and college. US Corp training and inservices, RPCV.

*Published (textbook and article) and taught at Kabul University, '76 and '77,


* Maintain credits and marks. Contact, for special interest. All rights reserved.

Thanks for visiting our site pages.