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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

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EXHIBITS and Developments:

           EXHIBITS (with Display & Presentation):

2013    Legion exhibitor (breakfast event)

           AAUW exhibitor with Zamani guest

           Afghan Tea host, educational

2012    Embassy visits, Washington, DC

2011    ASCD, San Francisco, CA

2011    NPCA, 50th, Washington, DC (LIGHT on Careers Proposal; display)

2009 -07+ Persian/Mehregan Festivals (OC/CA)

           KhyberPassGallery Booth Guest &

           "Afghan Rose Petal" song presenter (lyricist)

           "Afghan education poster" (OC Register online photo)

           Veteran's Day (SBLW, pre-taped song performed), Seal Beach, CA

2006-1986 Registration of Copyrights, Afghanistan Dynamics (developments)

2005-01 Presentations to Salvation Army, Community Church and others

2002+  SBTV Afghan Rose Petals, presentations, with videos by JJJJShaw

2001    NPCA,40th, Washington, DC, booth; on education technique; videos;

           Afghan women entrepreneurs on provincial fashion and ethnic dolls

1996    IPS (International Poet Society) medal, Washington, DC:

           Afghan Rose Petals, 20 verse lyrics to Afghan folk tune.

           * See others, with DVD tapings (Salvation Army; UCI fundraiser; IOC, etc.)