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Jacklyn (EL) Shaw, Prof-Founder, Promoter

JJJJShawPR  P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

Prof. Jacklyn.EL.Shaw, Ed.Admin., M.Ed., Ed.D. (ADA, 2006; LOC), Blessed to have Taught and Published at Kabul University, 1976 & 1977, USA Peace Corps

Please see STORE for orders.  Use the GUEST BOOK with contact space to send & ensure your list arrives with items, pricing and total. (Send by Email -- to know your choices).

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[email protected] (or [email protected] )

No Refunds. Not-for-Profit nor loss). For lifelong learners. No solicitations, exhibits. 

As client, mail feedback, pro and con (three strengths and suggestions), for future.

Thank you, "Tashakor", for your time and interest. Enjoy, Shalom, Salaam-e-lekum. JELS.  NOTE:  See page on ITEMS INFO or DynamiQs, like for your comparative developments.

Is one who does not learn from history, doomed to repeat it? 

G. Santayana (1901).  History is not boring!

Travel in time, to exemplify the classic best (your past, present & future).

Life Treasure Keys?

* Fundraiser events bring 15% (as signed and dated, independent contractor in prearrangement). 

 Please let us know of your referrals for EXHIBITS, exhibitor and Developments:

           EXHIBITS (with Display & Presentation):

2013    Legion exhibitor (breakfast event)

           AAUW exhibitor with Zamani guest

           Afghan Tea host, educational

2012    Embassy visits, Washington, DC

2011    ASCD, San Francisco, CA

2011    NPCA, 50th, Washington, DC (LIGHT on Careers Proposal; display)

2009 -07+ Persian/Mehregan Festivals (OC/CA)

           KhyberPassGallery Booth Guest &

           "Afghan Rose Petal" song presenter (lyricist)

           "Afghan education poster" (OC Register online photo)

           Veteran's Day (SBLW, pre-taped song performed), Seal Beach, CA

           USA Afghan refugees, organizer events:  H. Noori; N. Etemadi

           USA Congressmen speakers video archive (C. Cox; D. Rohrabacher; Ed Royce)

2006-1986 Registration of Copyrights, Afghanistan Dynamics (developments)

           Thanks to Brigadier General J. Combs, Joint Forces Training Base, Orange County, CA

2005-01 Presentations to Salvation Army, Community Church and others, Seal Beach, CA

2002+  SBTV Afghan Rose Petals (song with history talk and research pictures, 18 min.; 

           Other presentations, with videos by JJJJShawPR

2001    NPCA,40th, Washington, DC, booth; on education technique; videos;

           Afghan women entrepreneurs on provincial fashions history by nomad style, A&N Farhad;  

           appreciation to Afghan ethnic dolls by Z Noori

1996    IPS (International Poet Society) medal, Washington, DC:

           Afghan Rose Petals, 20 verse lyrics to Afghan folk tune.

           * See others, with DVD tapings (Salvation Army; UCI fundraiser; IOC, etc.)

1989   IFUW event at Stanford, with DynamiQs 12d interviews, pleasure with Nigerian and Egyptian women.