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Jacklyn (EL) Shaw, Prof-Founder, Promoter

JJJJShawPR  P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

Prof. Jacklyn.EL.Shaw, Ed.Admin., M.Ed., Ed.D. (ADA, 2006; LOC), Blessed to have Taught and Published at Kabul University, 1976 & 1977, USA Peace Corps

Please see STORE for orders.  Use the GUEST BOOK with contact space to send & ensure your list arrives with items, pricing and total. (Send by Email -- to know your choices).

DISCLAIMER:  For ORDERS, Add EMAIL of your LIST with Pricing and total to

[email protected] (or [email protected] )

No Refunds. Not-for-Profit nor loss). For lifelong learners. No solicitations, exhibits. 

As client, mail feedback, pro and con (three strengths and suggestions), for future.

Thank you, "Tashakor", for your time and interest. Enjoy, Shalom, Salaam-e-lekum. JELS.  NOTE:  See page on ITEMS INFO or DynamiQs, like for your comparative developments.

Is one who does not learn from history, doomed to repeat it? 

G. Santayana (1901).  History is not boring!

Travel in time, to exemplify the classic best (your past, present & future).

Life Treasure Keys?

Keys of Life:

Goods in educational services, with prompts for memoirs, life story writing, etc. at [email protected]

featuring JACK'S CORK Craft Also, see page with Afghan Time Dynamiqs ™

Email us for info or your unit order in professional services: [email protected]

We carry a wide range of productivity to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular on the learning technique are listed below. Please send your eMail for more information, other current promotions and options in limited prints. (Note any special group event, request or rush). Mark your items of interest and choices below. NOTE full, four color card stock (or laminated) and sizes that vary.

TREASURE DYNAMIQS: New Memoirs Folio book with prompts.


MARK your choice (on stock or allow time):

JACK'S CORK Craft, jcc,

Dynamiqs, 12-D, learning appreciation & technique by jels

__ calendar(s): desk top (8"x4", 14 pages of images); or wall, 11"x8.5")

PIC 0424

PIC 0424

  • ... game card mat (11"x17"), 20 cards, on figures; of careers or views
  • ... *mat, 1 sided, buildings or objects emphasis
  • ...*postcards (set of four, variety in images and size), plus S&H rate.
  • __*note cards (or oversized postcards, with envelopes, on stoc
  • ... magnets, larger
  • ... mat, 2 sided (4 color plus BW); game board, laminated
  • ... COMBO: full set of 12 items (JCC or ATD) plus DVD, pending 


  • _ L.I.T.E., 12-D teq (5 minute) for life stories, careers, etc..
  • _ Afghan Rose Petals (DVD, 20 Min., limited, stock, or custom order), song (2 of 20 verse, 1996) & history talk with rare research pictures
  • __Afghanistan Time, I-III (TESL, language arts and history)
  • _ Combo (plus S & H; CA tax): DVD's, 30 minute and RAFYQ, 60 minute pending.
  • YOUR ORDER BY EMAIL is confirmed to: Jacklyn Shaw (jjjjshaw, dba), Prof.-Author.
  • Use PayPal (pending, new February, 2009), with buttons, cart, etc.
  • You may send Money Order (US funds). (For check banking, add $20 deposit).
  • Specify items on check!(Add this print out, circling bullets.)
  • Send eMail for any clarification.)
  • ADD standard USPS, standard as USPO priority, for both shipping & handling.
  • For Californians tax, add 8%. Contact for special event, TBA.
  • NOTE: Allow 2 to 10 weeks (overseas options). Extra $10 for "Rush".
  • Standard policy is no returns, only substitutions or extras, to offer you affordable deals. (For laminated, mat size, add $3.)
  • *Maintain credits to author; contact for permissions, received as signed and dated. (Contributors noted in research.)

© Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw (multiple credentials), 1986-2011

  • OTHER DEVELOPMENTS ****************************************
  • PROF. JACKI SHAW (M.ED., Admin.-Author), tutorial course/s, PENDING, by registered code, for 12 week, all ages, online, TBA, by group interest
  • (A) Quizettes™, 6W's™? Enter survey drawing by Contact Us or eMail (Note: Communication Dynamics, 400 page proposal studies, unpublished, 1976-96, 2008)
  • (B) Poet, Scrollettes™ wreath or POET TREE™ Scrollettes (booklet, 30 pg, 1996)
  • *POET TOOL card/s, chapbook, 100 page, unpublished
  • (C) Dynamiqs™ LITE™ life story writing (yours or family). EMail 15 words for yourself, family, friend or associate, for an event drawing (and free prize display or cards)
  • (*) PENDING: Research, Thesis Writing, Careers TriQathlon ™ Research Organizers, PORT-FOLIOS™, Research, tutorials and tools, 300 page guide (online or other) ### Site building in progress . . .

© Jacklyn E (Lauchland) Shaw (M. Ed., Admin., Founding Author), 1974-2011