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JJJJShaw P.O.R.T.-FOLIOS Research (P.R.) in education

JJJJSHAW, EMAIL: [email protected]

Watch for only:

Use above for EZ "Online Orders" of event and for group rates.

Life Treasure Keys?

SEE CATALOG, to Exhibitor Events. Watch for more sites!

Thanks for visiting. See contact with email. (may leave this site) offers our kit of learning techniques

for world history, language arts and career views.

Learn by fun with Mind Map for quiz show game, poster,

puzzle, postcard, calendar/ handbook, etc.

Get an easy reference of 5000 years of world history,

at the Established Crossroad to Asia since 1500 BC. 

Afghan Quiz game poster & kit

Be amazed by current, comparative, international studies.

Play Afghan, show game with classic map.

Follow the timeline of border cards.

Time yourself, using given clues. Guess from six question words.

Discover: What kind of listener or learner are you and others?

(A) Traditional/profession? (B) Technical / trade? (C) Performing / Arts?

or (D) Mixed?

Foster a love of lifelong learning. Click Cart Specials -- at custom prices.